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OWS RAIL CAR INC. - driven by innovation and creativity.

Our company is always moving forward to find better ways to serve our customers, whether it be our web based billing system as well as hand held units for quick, accurate inspecting and estimates, to the Wabtec electronic brake testing machine for unquestionable, precise brake testing and repairs.

As the railroads continue to increase their speed, reduce dwell times and turn more to electronic monitoring systems, we must keep pace to move at the speed of today's business.

Safety while being innovative is always a top priority at OWS Rail Car. Our carmen and management staff are continually being trained and kept up to date on all government rules and regulations.

Our company is a memebr of a local group called LABE that works in conjunction with the WSIB to support companies to reduce injuries and continually improve safety performance.

Our Mission
  • To serve our customers to the best of our ability
  • To serve through creativity and innovation
  • To serve at levels beyond expectations
  • To continually grow, change, and deliver a service that meets our customers needs.

OWS Rail Car has become experts in the LPG and Anhydrous Ammonia tank car market when it comes to cleaning, purging, flaring and valve repair. Our speed of output to return these cars to service is unquestionably fast.

We have expanded our services over time with the same commitment to general purpose tanks and freight car segment.